Downloadable Chinese Culture and International Rare Stamps
​(All Private Collection Items - Unique and Exclusive)

私人珍藏 - 中华文化及中外珍贵稀有邮票图片

下载珍贵的邮票、字画及书法图片,创造自己独有的屏幕背景,屏幕保护,书籤, 笔记本封面,亦可用作设计网页, 及其他作業用途。突显你獨持的個性,文化气质及优雅。
所有图片均屬私人珍藏及高清, 大多唯本店独有, 不可能在其他网站找到。所有中外邮票均历史悠久,有些甚至已上百年,十分珍贵及稀有。阁下可從中了解各国文化,风土人情及当时历史背景。


Download our exclusive images and create your very own, unique and special desktop background, screen saver, bookmarks, file covers, note book covers, your project and website pics and many show your cultural temperament.  For yourself and for gift.
When was the last time you use traditional stamps? Nowadays, majority people are using emails. Even when they post letters, they are using stamp stickers, stamp chops. Traditional Stamps will soon be no longer existing in this world! Value of traditional stamps is increasing as time goes by.

Look at the design, description and the date on the stamp, you can read the culture of that country and what was happening during that time. Its shows the history.

Our stamps are totally private collection. They are rare and valuable.

Printing and Calligraphy are from Mr.Cham Tze Hing (1924-2016). He was a Hong Kong painting Master and Calligrapher. He was also the disciple of one of the HK Tycoon’s daughter.  You may wish to watch the videos below and from his memorial website for his portfolio. 

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